the only cigarfactory, left in Kampen (NL) "de Olifant"

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Paul Perry made this elephant of "kevlar", a body armor with lace
christmas tree ornaments
Africa Museum Tervuren (BE)
nov 2002
Wilma made this elephant curtain for our house
Karel and Pieter in the Baobabhotel in Zimbabwe, 1993
A box made of Cambodian Silver
A fence in Mutare, Zimbabwe
Tropen Museum Amsterdam
Pregnant elephants, tropen museum Amsterdam
Legoland, Denmark 2005
Zoo Copenhagen, jul 2005
Cleon d'Andran, France. aug 2005
Keizersgracht 281
          De Panne (Belgium) 2006
in the book "industries in N.Brabant" by JK Mercx, this picture of the "olifant"cigarsfactory in Oosterhout can be found.  1918
elephant in distress in the circus in Portugal, picture made by Alice. For the article, click here